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Welcome to my colorful world. I am a happy (most of the time!) wife, mom, MeMaw, artist, and art teacher. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I also love to create, cook, nest, decorate, entertain family and friends, laugh, collect vintage stuff, snuggle my cats and dog, play outdoors, and so much more! In addition to all this, I also publish an online magazine with my dear friend, called Mermaids of the Lake. Oh, and I love a big cup of coffee with cream, a dry martini, red wine, blingy jewelry, pink lipstick, blue fingernail polish. I love color! Beautiful colors inspire, motivate, and move me!!! What's my favorite color? I can't choose. I love them all! Yellow, pink, red, turquoise, blue, purple, orange, green and every variation in between!

Recipes I Love

I love to create and I view cooking as a form of creating! I also love to share. Most of these recipes are from my online women's magazine, Mermaids of the Lake. All recipe photos are property of Mermaids of the Lake or Color My Bliss unless otherwise stated. Please give credit with a link if republishing on your blog or website. Thank you!!!

Simple Sweet Trix Treats
These Simple Sweet Trix Treats are so yummy!!!! Rice Krispy Treats are in my list of top five favorite desserts. I love them every way I've tried them! So, last summer I decided to switch up the classic a bit, once again, by switching cereals! A colorful and fruity twist on a childhood favorite!

Although a bit more difficult to cut and to bite into, they were a hit! Print recipe here

Mint Julep
A favorite in the South, especially around the Kentucky Derby time, the Mint Julep is a sweet and potent drink. Print recipe here

Apple Cider Cocktail
This has become my very favorite cocktail for the holidays. It is a flavorful drink that is not too sweet. I make a big pitcher of it for Thanksgiving and during the Christmas season, as well.
It is also perfect for Fall gatherings! Print Recipe Here

Salted Chocolate Caramel Rice Crispy Treats
Who knew Rice Crispy Treats could be so sophisticated? Rich, salted chocolate ganache over buttery caramel cereal bars. Oh my! Print Recipe Here

Light and Refreshing: Quick Fruit Tart
This quick take on the French classic dessert is easy to whip up before your next summer gathering. 

Huckleberry Lemonade Cocktail
This colorful, summery cocktail is as pretty as it is delicious! Print Recipe Here

Watermelon Salad
This combination of savory and sweet is a delicious surprise! Print Recipe Here

Cranberry Fiz Cocktail
This colorful cocktail is refreshing, light, healthy, and festive. It's also delicious without the alcohol, making it a perfect choice for the designated driver! Added Bonus: It has no sugar in it and the only calories come from the alcohol. You will not have to trade in your skinny jeans for sweats at the end of the holidays. Print Recipe Here
Baked Kale Chips
Have you heard about these yet? I first heard about Baked Kale Chips on Facebook! A friend was talking about how good they were. I immediately followed her link to the recipe and saved it. That was about 7 months ago. I meant to try them sooner, but kept forgetting! I have nothing against kale, really, but it is not on my regular shopping list. It should be!!! It is now for soooo many reasons! Print Recipe Here

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