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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Preschool Art: Coffee Filter Snails

This is a fun, colorful and fairly easy art project for children of all ages. My preschoolers loved it!

You will need:
  • Coffee filters
  • Construction paper (choose colors that markers will show up on)
  • Black construction paper (for mounting)
  • White construction paper or other paper (to lay wet coffee filters on to dry)
  • Markers (non-permanent ink)
  • Black Sharpie (fine point)
  • White or light-colored crayon (to add the tentacles at the very end of the project)
  • Glitter Glue
  • White sticker labels (for artist signature)
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Glue (to glue the pieces to the black construction paper)
  • White poster board or card stock (to create the snail body template)
  • Scissors (for cutting out the snail bodies)
Let's Get Started:

Step one: Create a snail body template from white poster board or card stock. If the class is large, create several. Size it to fit on a standard sheet of construction paper. (as shown above)

Have children trace the snail body onto their choice of construction paper.

Step two: Cut out the snail bodies and have the children color them with markers. Don't forget to add a cute little face. (younger children may need assistance with cutting)

Step three: Instruct children to draw a swirl on the flattened coffee filters with the black Sharpie. Use the colored (non-permanent) markers to decorate the snail's coffee filter shell.

Step four: Give each child a piece of white paper and write their name in the corner with the Sharpie. Lay the decorated coffee filters on the paper and spray lightly with water; watch how the marker colors blend. The children loved this part! 

Step five: Gently lift the coffee filters up and move them every few minutes to prevent sticking while they are still quite wet. The other fun thing about this part is that they make a beautiful print. The kids loved this part, as well and were thrilled to take their print home as a piece of art too! Allow to dry. (may take overnight)

Step six: When decorated coffee filters are dry, place several dots of glitter glue of your choice on a sheet of scrap paper. (I used a 3x5 index card) Instruct children to dip a finger in the glitter glue and dab it on their snail bodies and shells. The glitter adds a beautiful, sparkling finishing touch.

Step seven: Glue the snail body to the black construction paper. Then glue the coffee filter shell on, as shown above. Have the children make two little tentacles on top of the snails head with a light-colored crayon. Add their name tags, as well. 

For more Preschool age (or older) art projects see my Preschool Art page. 

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  1. So beautiful and exactly what I need for our study on snails. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you!!! I hope your kids love making them. :) Let me know how they turned our, if you can.


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