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Welcome to my colorful world. I am a happy (most of the time!) wife, mom, MeMaw, artist, and art teacher. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I also love to create, cook, nest, decorate, entertain family and friends, laugh, collect vintage stuff, snuggle my cats and dog, play outdoors, and so much more! In addition to all this, I also publish an online magazine with my dear friend, called Mermaids of the Lake. Oh, and I love a big cup of coffee with cream, a dry martini, red wine, blingy jewelry, pink lipstick, blue fingernail polish. I love color! Beautiful colors inspire, motivate, and move me!!! What's my favorite color? I can't choose. I love them all! Yellow, pink, red, turquoise, blue, purple, orange, green and every variation in between!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest, a New Obsession. Pinning Away!

I needed to be working on an article for Mermaids of the Lake, (my online women's magazine) among a million other things. We have a new issue coming out tomorrow! And, what was I doing? PINNING! So to make myself feel a little bit better I created this image and wrote a blog post on it! Yay! I was working after all!

Oh, my!!!!!! Are you doing it? PINNING? We are and we are having an amazingly inspiring experience with the whole Pinterest phenomenon!!!

We admit, we were late starters. Friend after friend said to us, "You need to be on Pinterest! You will love it! Truly!" They were right!!! Truly!

For the two of you left in the world who do not know what Pinterest is - Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. Instead of bookmarking images and blog posts, you simply "pin" them to your own virtual board. Once you have created a Pinterest account, (easy peasy process) you create your own virtual boards, title them and start pinning, becoming more and more inspired and excited with each pin!

You follow other people's boards and they can follow yours! Pinterest has made it easy for you too! They provide this awesome little tool called a Pin it button. In two seconds you add it to your favorites tool bar. When you are out surfing the web, diving into blog after blog, and you find something you love, simply click on your Pin it button and a little box pops up and you choose which of your boards you want to place it in. PRESTO, you have pinned another image!!! When a friend or anyone out there pins something you love you can choose to click "repin" and the image is added to one of your boards!

I have found that creating boards, and watching them fill up with images of things you love, sort of validates YOU and your interests, personality and more! I think women and men are learning about themselves by the things they pin!!!! How cool!

It's also wonderful to see what kind of things your friends have pinned and what they name their boards. Sometimes you will see something they pinned and think to yourself, "Oh, that is so ____." or "____ would love this!!!!" It's a bonding experience! How cool!

Here is the most awesome thing for blog owners: when someone pins your image, Pinterest automatically provides a direct link to your blog post. So the source of the image is always credited. We were (and still are) thrilled to see all of the images that others have pinned of ours! What a way to network! How cool!!!

Visit Debbie's profile on Pinterest.

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