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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Sunny, Late Winter Day and a Happy Little Bird

Our weather here in the Inland Northwest, (Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho) has been unseasonably warm. We've had a very mild winter, which has made many people in our area super happy and many creatures, as well! Our lake did freeze solid for a few weeks, and we had a few fairly light snow dumps, but all in all, winter has been easy.

A couple of days ago I was drawn to the warmth of the early morning sunshine. I grabbed my camera and headed out to my little yard to do a bit of sun-soaking and bird-whispering. I have a favorite place to sit in the early morning during the warmer months. It's a little rock garden, looking out on the lake and down on a lower level. A sweet little bird bath is situated on the lower level, perfect for viewing from above. It was full of leaves, but did have a tiny bit of water in it. As I sat quietly a little Nuthatch came chirping and bopping up really close to me. I love these birds! They seem very curious and even friendly. If I chirp at them they will chirp back and come in for a closer look. Adorable!!!

This little guy got down in the bird bath and took a couple of drinks and let me get a few pictures. Isn't he cute? I decided he needed fresh water so I hosed out the leaves and filled it with fresh water.

After a few minutes, he got curious again and sat on the edge of the bird bath, as if peering at his own reflection.

And then he jumped in!!!

It's like I gave him the greatest gift.

I watched as he chirped and splashed and ducked his head under the clean water with pure joy! It was perfect. I'm filled with gratitude that he let me share in his joy.

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