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Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Christmas Decorating! Make a Giant Star

I love my new Giant Star! It is sturdy and pretty and it was so darn easy to make. Oh, and affordable too!

You will need:
  • Five yard sticks. (I bought mine at Home Depot for .68 a piece)
  • Drill (not shown)
  • Paint (I used white acrylic craft paint)
  • Two packages 100 count tiny white Christmas lights with white cord (If you want to use lights with a green cord, consider using green craft paint)
  • Paint brush
  • 20 gauge beading wire
  • Jewelry wire snips
  • Needle nose pliers (for pulling the wire through the holes and coiling the ends)
  • Something to put your paint in (I used an old lid)
Using a power drill, drill a hole in the center at each end of the yard sticks (at the 35 1/2 inch mark)

Paint all sides, including edges. Let dry before turning

For better coverage do two coats

Allow to dry. Start wiring. Cut approximately 18 inches of wire. (measure it against one of the yard sticks)
Wrap ends through holes three or four times

Use your needle nose pliers to pull the wire through and secure tightly. Twist ends of wire together and coil the ends up close to the yard stick

Add the next yardstick as shown - criss-crossing the other sticks to start forming your star

When all tips are wired, maneuver so that all the angles are even and then wire at the inside joints, as shown above. Wrap approximately 20 inches of wire around the joints three times and secure on the back side of your star by twisting the two ends together and coiling them

Starting at the top tip of your star, wrap lights around, leaving enough of a tail of lights to hang down to be able to plug in to an outlet. 
Ta Da!!!
The Holiday Season officially starts this week!!! Sooooooo Merry Christmas. I love the first time I get to say that!

For more projects see my DIY Projects page and my Art/Craft Tutorials page. You may find a few gift ideas. 

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