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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re-Making Grandma's Chandelier

I inherited my Grandma's beloved chandelier and I am incredibly grateful and happy about it! Grandma loved her chandelier for a number of reasons. It was especially beautiful and elegant for the era in which it came from! The 1970's was certainly not a time of crystal chandeliers; more likely a big pendant lamp in the shape of a "harvest gold" colored mushroom!

It was 1976 and my adored Grandpa had been diagnosed with cancer. He went through treatments and we dared to hope, but sadly, we knew that Grandpa would pass within the year. While he was still healthy enough to make decisions, he and Grandma decided they needed to sell their home in beautiful Hauser Lake, Idaho and move into town. Grandpa wanted Grandma to be in a safe, cozy place, knowing she would soon be alone.... So, they purchased a small, adorable mobile home and moved into a beautiful setting on the Spokane River in a 55 and over community. That is where Grandpa and Grandma spent their last three months together.

My family wanted to bring Grandma something beautiful to have in her new home. One Sunday afternoon we knocked on their door with a big box in our hands. Grandma truly squealed with delight when she greeted us. She usually did! She loved nothing more than being surrounded by her family. Grandma was an amazing and adventurous cook and hostess. She loved to entertain. This was the perfect gift; something beautiful to adorn her favorite place in her home, her dining room table!

I will never forget this day. Grandpa lay on the sofa, covered up in a blanket, his head surrounded by pillows. He was comfortable and peaceful. Grandpa cried sweet tears of joy as he watched Grandma open the big box. My dad immediately got out his tools and istalled the chandelier above the dining room table and there it hung, for another 34 years, illuminating the love of family and friends gathered around the table for a meal, conversation, laughter, and fun.

Grandma passed a way a couple of years ago at the age of 95. Her chandelier had been in storage, as Grandma had spent her last year in a retirement home. I brought her chandelier home and was disappointed to see that it really was in bad shape; dusty, tarnished, and a few crystals missing. And, it really didn't look as pretty in my dining room as it did in hers. Knowing that Grandma was my original role model for crafting and creating, I knew exactly what to do! PAINT it!!!! Grandma would approve!!!! I also inherited Grandma's wonderful antique dining room table and chairs. A perfect match.

Chandelier before

Carefully take apart and pay close attention to what crystals and beads go where, so putting it back together isn't a guessing game. I separated the pieces in groups.

Wash and dry each piece.

I spray painted the chandelier a soft yellow. It took about two coats.

I love it!!!! Thank you Grandma

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My beautiful Grandma

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  1. I love the chandelier and the story.

  2. Thank you, Lou! I love the chandelier too and I sure do miss my wonderful grandparents. The chandelier reminds me of them.


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