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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Preschool Art: Lollipop Flowers

This was such a fun project. My group of twenty preschool artists, ranging in age from not-yet-three to five all had great success and enjoyed the process. And, I love it when that happens and the end result is also something beautiful.

This would be an amazingly beautiful project for older kids who could put even more detail into their flower circles. In fact, I plan to make one for myself!

Lollipop Flowers

You will need:
  • White drawing paper
  • Black card stock or other thicker, quality paper
  • Black Sharpie (fine point)
  • Crayons
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • School Glue
  • Scissors
  • Three sizes of lids to use for tracing circles for flowers
Let's get started:

Step one: Lay out a sheet of black card stock with a label in the bottom right-hand corner for their name, a black Sharpie, a paint brush for each child and green acrylic paint ready to go. 

Step two: I can't believe I forgot to get a picture of this step, but if you look at the finished pictures you will see how easy it is. Using the green acrylic paint, instruct the children to make quite a few simple green stems of various lengths; starting near the top and middle of the page and "pulling" their brush down to the bottom of the page. One little girl got so frustrated that one of her stems was too short and a mistake. (the poor thing - tears and all) I kindly explained that there are no mistakes in art. Everything can be changed to look beautiful and work just fine. We just changed that little stem into a leaf and she added more too. Set these somewhere out of the way to dry while you do the next steps.

Step three: I pre-traced circles using three different size lids. With older children or more time on your hands than the hour I have, the children can do this step themselves. Every child received a sheet of white paper with seven circles. (three large, two medium, and two small)

Instruct the children to use their beautiful imaginations and fill their circles in with concentric circles, or circles and flower petals, dots, etc... Explain that they can also make petals on the outside of the circles.

She drew hearts! How adorable.

Step four: Color your circular creations!
Step five: Cut each flower out. For safety and time reasons, teachers did this part! I always keep little 4x6" index cards on hand for times like this. The kids colored on those while we finished cutting.
Step six: When the black paper with the stems is dry, have the children lay out the flowers on their paper to decide where they want them glued. We (my helpers and I) helped them glue them onto the stems. Again, older children can do this themselves. 

I think they all turned out beautiful!!!

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