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Friday, June 12, 2015

A Happy Surprise, Mama Deer and Her Sweet Baby

Yesterday, I woke up to such a sweet surprise. It was 5:30 am and I stepped outside to water my plants and saw a Doe in my driveway. I grabbed my camera and watched her. When she noticed me she stopped and stared for a minute, making eye contact. (which was so cool) Then she went back to her serious job of nibbling on the grasses, leaves, and such in my yard. I don't have a normal yard; it is wooded and natural, so I didn't mind at all. I was hoping she would not come on down and start eating my potted plants. That has happened before!

Isn't she beautiful? I looked right into those gorgeous eyes. What a blessing!

Finally, I had watched her long enough and needed to get back to work. I finished up my watering and went back in the house for an hour and a half. I had to go outside again and figured she was long gone, but she wasn't. She had moved on to another part of my wooded hillside. So, I stood there and talked to her awhile. Suddenly, I noticed that she was obviously a nursing mom!!!! Just as I was thinking about the fact that she had left her baby somewhere, she walked over to a big bunch of wild sweet peas, growing under and around a metal staircase that leads from my yard up to the road. She nuzzled them a bit and up pops a tiny fawn, who had to be brand new. I watched the fawn nurse for several minutes and then the mom began cleaning her. 

Look closely. She's licking her. (or him)

Still cleaning her baby. 

Precious little gift from God. I love deer so much. They are so sweet and beautiful. I'm thankful to have witnessed this. I love them so much, I even made a Pinterest board just for them.

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