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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Preschool Art: Hot Rocks and Crayons!

This was a super fun project that would be completely "worry-free" with older children. I did it with preschoolers, age 2 1/2 to 5!!!

Because of their ages, we had a nice all-ears-and-eyes-on-me talk before we began! I explained that the rocks were HOT and that they were not to touch them with anything but the crayon. I showed them how I had to pick each rock up with big oven mitts. I demonstrated how to hold their crayon up and away from their hand. I showed them how to hold the edge of the plate to turn or steady their rock. I went back and asked, "What are you not supposed to touch?" Cute... they unanimously yelled, "The ROCK!!!" I asked, "What can you touch?" "The Plate!!!!"

Please note: the rocks are not hot enough to cause any real harm if touched, but it would smart.

When I was confident that everyone knew the rules, I started with getting one rock from the crock pot and let one child begin. All the others watched with fascination, paying close attention, and anticipation of their turn. Gradually, every child had a hot rock and they loved it! (I had an adult helper for every two or three kids) We did great. No owies!

My teenage helpers were completely enthralled with it too!

To begin you will need rocks!! This project started out with a fun little outing gathering river rocks with my awesome dad! We knew a great spot on the Spokane River, just minutes away from my house. You can gather your own by a river, stream, or field. Or, ask a nice neighbor if you could have a few of their landscaping rocks!

We collected two big bags. They were sooooooo heavy!

Chivalry is not dead!

Prepare rocks:
Wash all of your rocks. I dumped them all in my driveway and hosed them off.

Let them dry in the sun.

Prepare crayons:

Soak the crayons in a waterproof container until wrappers peel off easily. Most will fall right off.

Let them dry on a clean towel.

Getting the rocks hot!!!

Heat in a 200 degree Farenheit oven for 10 or 15 minutes.

Since I was transporting the rocks to the preschool, I placed them in a hot crockpot and plugged it in when I got there.

The kids at work!

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  1. Love that you and your dad collected the rocks together for this project. And, the a fun those kids must have had! You have such wonderful, colorful, creative idea. Yay!

  2. Hola!!
    Que bello,me alegra haber encontrado tu blog.Una amiga me lo recomendo.
    Es bonita la idea de coloreas las rocas.
    Me quedo visitandote.

    1. Gabby, Yo sólo entender y hablar un poco de español, así que tuve tu comentario traducido. :) Gracias y Bienvenido! Le agradezco su buen comentario!


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