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Friday, August 30, 2013

Preschool Art: Mixed Media Collage Repurpose/Reuse Boxes

This was a super fun, sometimes messy, adventurous project for my group of mostly four-year-old children. Each step in the process was different and fully-enjoyed! I am THRILLED with the final results!!!

Note: This project took three 45 minute sessions.

Preschool Art: Mixed-Media Collage
Repurpose/Reuse Boxes

I love the whole idea of repurposing and reusing something meant for the trash bin. It is even more gratifying then recycling. It is less expensive and more challenging. Most of these collages started out as CHEEZ-IT boxes! I save all sturdy food boxes. (cereal, crackers, dog biscuits, and more!)

I use them in my own art, as well.
Supplies needed:
  • CHEEZ-IT or other similar size boxes
  • White acrylic craft paint to cover box
  • Acrylic craft paint in various colors of blue, green, red, orange, yellow and again, lots of white
  • Denim fabric scraps, cut from old jeans
  • Milk and water bottle lids for creating the swirly circle prints on denim
  • Q-Tips for applying dabs of paint to lids
  • White blank index card (for their names)
  • Crayons
  • Sharpie markers, fine point and extra fine point
  • Foam paint brushes (for applying white paint to box and for painting the colors on box)
  • Regular paint brushes (for applying homemade Mod Podge glue)
  • Half sheet of white paper (for a squigly line drawing with sharpie and crayons to later cut flower shapes out of)
  • Tissue paper in various colors
  • Homemade Mod Podge Glue
  • Yarn and masking tape to make a hanger for the back of box
Session One: Preparing the boxes and beginning to create things to cut out and glue on later
The children painted the sides and top with white acrylic paint. (In my own art, I paint and finish the back, as well, but in the interest of drying-time, the kids just finished the four sides and top.)

 We set the boxes aside to dry until next session.

 Each child received a small piece of denim fabric. (6" x 6" or so) They used acrylic paint and Q-tips as discussed below.
This picture is from our practice session of lid twisting. The children used a Q-tip to dab little blobs of paint on the lid and then pressed and twisted it onto the surface. (It mixes the colors in fun and interesting ways.)

We set them aside to dry. I took them home and cut the circles out, putting them in a zipper lock bag
with the child's name on it. (We used these in session three.)

We wrote each child's name on a blank 3 x 5 index card. They decorated them using crayons.
(These were also set aside to be used in session three.)

Next the children did swirly line drawings on a half sheet of white paper.

They colored them with crayons. (Also setting aside to be used in session three)

Session Two: Painting the Boxes

The teachers added drops of acrylic paint directly to each child's box, (sides and top) making sure to use lots of white. (I had assistance from my teenage daughter, her friend, and my 10-year-old niece)

Using foam brushes, the children blended their colors to create the beautiful background for their collages. They also used their brushes to dab bits of paint to the top of the blended colors.

We set these gorgeous paintings aside to dry and be used in session three. They were beautiful enough to leave as is. I am excited to do this again and just create abstract paintings.

 Aren't they wonderful?

This little girl's painting is actually done on paper, not a box. Kali was a new student and missed the first session. Hers turned out just as beautiful!!

Session three: Finishing the Mixed Media Collages

Drawing with black Sharpies and using our Homemade Mod Podge to adhere all of the fun embellishments.

While the children drew flowers with the black, fine point Sharpies, the teachers cut out their names from their 3 x 5 cards. (as shown below)

Using a flower template that I created, we let the kids do the tracing onto their swirly line drawing and we cut them out.

 Each child had three in various sizes.

Using the Homemade Mod Podge and a foam brush, the children began gluing on all of their embellishments.

We provided each child with little pieces of tissue paper too. It adds a perfect colorful touch. This little girl loved to wad hers up in little puffs first.

They all did great with this gluing process, being surprisingly careful to not get glue all over their paintings.
The Masterpieces!!!

Jake missed class on the day we painted the boxes with color, but look how beautiful his turned out using just the drawing and other embellishments.

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