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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIY Soft, Natural, One-Ingredient Hand Cream

I am kinda crazy about my new hand cream. I made it myself. Well, sorta... I scooped it out of the Crisco container and put it in a nice little canning jar. It feels amazing and it works! I love yummy smelling things, so I added some essential oils too.

I have two reasons that I decided to give Crisco (Vegetable Oil) on my skin a try.

Reason One: Years ago, my good friend shared a story with me about her encounter in a posh, city athletic club with a beautiful European woman. My friend was in awe of this gorgeous woman whose skin was soft and glowing, despite the fact that she was obviously not in her 20's, or 30's, or even 40's... Finally, after staring uncomfortably while they were changing in the locker room, she went for it! "Your skin is amazing. I must ask, WHAT DO YOU USE to make it so beautiful?" The elegant woman padded across the floor in her bare feet to her locker, and pulled out a BIG OLE CAN OF CRISCO!

I started using Crisco on my skin as soon as I heard about it, but alas... I was bored with the lack of fragrance. I actually felt like I might smell a bit like pie crust.

Reason Two: Years later, (very recently) I was watching the Dr. Oz show. People were writing in with questions to solve their nagging health issues. One woman explained that she was distressed by her aging, hands. They were dry, wrinkled, and veiny! Dr. Oz said simply, "Use Crisco!" He even suggested keeping it on your nightstand and slathering your hands and then covering them with gloves.

My skin has been just awful and dry this winter. I always struggle with dry skin in the winter, but this year is worse! I grabbed my Crisco and slathered, and not just on my hands. It feels great. And, I have solved the concern of smelling like pie by adding essential oils. I keep a jar by my bed, very lightly scented with lavender. A jar by my favorite T.V-watching spot with lilac, and one in my office/studio that is scented with another awesome combination of vanilla, orange, yllang yllang, and patchouli. Yum!

Oh, and it is cheap! Next time you are at the grocery, buy yourself a creamy, luxurious, new treat for your hands and body. Heck, splurge on the giant can! You are worth it!

To scent your cream: simply add a few drops to your jar. Less is more with this one! Just two to three drops will do. Start out with less and add more if you want a stronger scent.

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  1. I use sweet almond oil on my skin rather than expensive face creams, body lotions etc. Cheap and effective. Someone once said to me - "don't put on your skin what you wouldn't eat" - all the expensive stuff has got ingredients that I certainly wouldn't want to eat, so why would I want my body to absorb them? Thanks for another lovely tip. xx

    1. I love sweet almond oil too. Thank you for taking the time to leave another comment. I appreciate it.


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