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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Give a Helping Hand to Your Backyard Birds

Help your backyard birds "feather their nest" with snips of yarn and dryer lint. This is a super quick project that feels good and is kinda pretty too. And, when you see the supply of this colorful yarn dwindling, or even better, part of a bird's nest, it is just so rewarding!

You will need Suet Baskets, snips and bits of yarn, dryer lint, and scissors. (I found Suet Baskets at my local grocery store, near the wild bird seed)

Load the Suet Baskets with dryer lint.

Then grab some scraps of yarn, or cut some fresh from the skein.

Fill the baskets, making sure some pieces are already sticking out of the openings, and hang in your bushes or trees.

The birds will be so grateful.

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  1. This is a such a fun way to help out out feathered friends. And, isn't it great seeing the pieces incorporated into their new homes?! Thanks for sharing this. :D

    1. Thank you! I watched a hummingbird trying to get one long, red piece that was hanging down. So cute!

  2. I LOVE this idea. I think I'll try to find some yarn and things to put out today. I love to "bird watch"... it makes me happy.

    1. Thank you, Lora. I love to bird watch too. You will be really happy when you see one take a piece of yarn!!! So rewarding. Plus, they look pretty hanging in your trees and bushes. :)


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