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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Be Still - Divine Messages

I find heart rocks and other hearts in nature. For me, they are signs from God; answered prayer and also validation that my prayers are heard. I only find or see them while praying or after praying about a particular subject. I have hundreds of heart rocks, many of which I paint. If I am praying for another person and I find a heart rock on their behalf I will often paint it and give it to them as a gift. 

During difficult times I may find as many as twenty all on one 30 minute walk. It's AMAZING!!! Soon I will do an entire post on just the subject of heart rocks! They are very special to me.

In addition to heart-shaped rocks, I often will see a heart in another form, either a piece of moss, a knot on a tree trunk, a patch of little weeds in the pavement, and even in the clouds.

This was the view from where we stopped and parked
 to finish up our long visit.

Recently, a good friend and I decided we needed to have some special girlfriend time to catch up, bond, and give each other support in some areas of our lives in which we have been struggling. We met at Starbuck's and got yummy coffees and then climbed into my car and went for a drive in the country, near my home. It's a drive that I have done many times in the last few years when I need thinking time, praying time, or even when I just want to feel gratitude for the area in which I live. I have shared it with my wonderful daughter, who is in her first year of college. It's still one of our favorite things to do when she comes home for a visit.

We talked about some pretty serious stuff; things that I have been going through and her, as well. I prayed about our meeting before we got together and felt that we were doing exactly what we needed to be doing. I left our visit feeling even more confident of success in my current journey/issue/path and that she was going to be great and successful too. It was a special day with my special friend.

Today, I was uploading photos from my camera and came across the only two photos I had quickly snapped while we chatted and enjoyed the view; a scenic shot of the valley below us (as shown above) and a picture of the beautiful clouds. And just look at the message waiting for me in the photo of the clouds. 

My heavenly sign, a sweet little heart

I created something with it that I can share with others. If you're needing a little boost, a sign from heaven that God's got your back, please enjoy and be comforted. 
Be Still
and know that I am God.
Psalm 45:70

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