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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best Christmas Present Ever!

Look what we got!

His name is Bear. I love to call him Baby Bear

Bear's Story: This little guy had a rough start. He is a little puppy-miracle and we consider him to be a huge blessing from God.

My son and his wife live in Alabama. (We live in Washington State) My daughter-in-law's boss's husband found two tiny, seven week-old puppies abandoned on railroad tracks. Both had obviously been mauled by something with big teeth! Bear had serious bite marks in his tiny neck. How the little ones ended up where they were or what hurt them, or especially, how they survived the attack will always be a mystery.

My wonderful kids took him home with the hope of finding a home for him. They named him Bear and fell instantly in love. However, they are expecting a baby in the spring and also have a young dog that they rescued just a year and half ago. They asked us if we would take him.

My husband said, "NO!" He was not mean about it, but we have an old dog, Willie who is truly in his last year or less of his life and this past year with him has been difficult. We are caring for him and lovingly cleaning up his accidents, helping him walk, and more. Willie has been our dog-child for the last 14 1/2 years and the thought of losing him is soooo sad and painful and we are tired. My husband just kinda wanted a break...

Well, after just two days of Bear's rescue, he became very, very ill. The kids rushed him to their Veterinarian and it was discovered that Bear had Parvo. Parvo is serious and usually an instant death-sentence. With very limited finances, my wonderful kids decided they wanted the Vet to treat him and try to save Bear's life. Bear clung to life, so tiny and weak. My daughter-in-law would visit him and pet his frail little body while he wimpered weakly. He was given IV fluids and antibiotics for ten days in this small veterinarian clinic in rural Alabama. Bear survived! The next amazing blessing is that the kindly veterinarian only charged $200!!! He was touched by Bear's story and helped out. Oh, there are still good people in this world.

For the next week, my 16 year-old daughter worked on her daddy, really hard! She wanted that puppy and by this time, so did I. She was really creative too! She wrote funny things pertaining to the word, Bear on 19 Post-It Notes and placed them where her father would find them - in his slippers, on the back of the toilet seat, on the toilet paper roll, light switch, shower, and more!

Example 1: (in his underwear drawer) "Good thing you are going to wear these because otherwise you would be "bear."

Example 2: (in the medicine cabinet on his shaving cup) "In Hayward (that's where we vacation every year in Northern Wisconsin) the "bears" eat the gargbage, but I would train our "bear" not too."

Example 3: "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a "bear."

Soon, he decided that we should be a part of this wonderful story and become dog parents again. Plans were made and we anxiously awaited the arrival of both our adult kids for the holidays and our new baby! My son and daughter-in-law and Bear were scheduled to arrive here in Washington on Christmas Eve! They flew out of Atlanta, which was a two hour drive from their home in Alabama. They had to leave their house at 2:00 am to catch their flight. We had all decided that it would be too traumatic and possibly dangerous to have Bear fly in the luggage compartment of the plane, so they carried him in a soft-sided dog bag and he rode under the seat in front of them. We were all concerned that it would be an awful trip, but all in all the little guy was a sweet, calm trooper and arrived at our house all cuddly and happy.

Willie loves Bear. Bear loves Willie! Janie the kitty loves Bear. Bear loves Janie.
Everyone loves Bear and Bear loves everyone! We are in Love Forever!

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