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Monday, October 17, 2016

Preschool Art: Handprint Owls

Children always seem to love projects with owls in them! These Handprint Owls were no exception. The parents loved them too because they were cute, creative, and a fun keepsake. Those little hands don't stay little for very long!

Note: This fun art project would be great for older children, as well and they can do so many of the steps themselves. 

You will need:
  • Pre-made templates for owls and eyes (see instructions below) Also, canning jar lid or something circular to trace for eyes. Smaller lid for pupil
  • Construction paper for the background in your color choice
  • White construction paper for owl body
  • Orange construction paper for beaks and feet
  • Black Fine Point Sharpies for signing names
  • Crayons
  • Glue (for older children, give them each their own glue) For preschoolers and the interest of time, teacher does the gluing
  • Scissors to cut out owl body and eyes (older children can do their own)
  • Tempera or acrylic paint in various colors
  • Little tubs or lids to pour paint into for making dots and finger marks on owls
Lets get started: Making the templates for tracing (Teacher does this) 

(You can have the children color in the pupil with crayon or you can do it ahead of time)

Now for the owls!

For Preschoolers, teacher can trace the owls and eyes onto white construction paper (using the templates) and cut out and glue ahead of time. (Older children could do this themselves) Also, cut little triangles for beaks and half circles for feet

I laid out pre-glued owls and little boxes of crayons. (Hint: the boxes are the plastic ones that mushrooms come in. I love them for so many storage ideas)

After putting each child's name on their painting with Black Sharpie, instruct the children to color their owl with the crayons. Lot's of bright color is the best!

The kids loved all of the steps. Add little pre-cut beaks and feet. I let the kids glue those on themselves, (with help for positioning) using a glue stick

When coloring is done, take the crayons away

Put out little pots (or lids) of paint. (We used tempera paints)

Kids used their fingers to neatly dab little bits of paints all over their owls. We used one color per group of four and then traded colors with another group when all were done.

Now for the handprint wings!

Teacher paints each child's hand in color of their choice

Turn the painting upside down to have the wing facing the right direction. Stamp handprint with thumb facing the owl body. Little ones need assistance. Older kids could do their own. Keep paper towels handy to dry off painted hands. (washing hands can be done at the end of the project)


Use stacked chairs for a drying rack!!

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