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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Perfect Spring Day for a Ride in the Country

This is my puppy, Bear. He is beyond excited, but holding back so nicely for this picture. We were heading 
out on our daily "ride in the car" to pick up "Grandma" and "go for a walk." Oh, he loves those phrases the most of all!

We had a great walk and then decided to take a spontaneous drive in our area. We are surrounded by such beauty and yet, so much of the time we rush through our tasks, always on a productive schedule, thinking we can't take time to enjoy where we live and be in awe of the beauty!

So, to make it even more fun, we swung through Starbucks and headed up the road behind our houses and ventured into Spring!!! It was only about a 40 minute diversion and we both felt rejuvenated and inspired by it. (See the same drive last fall)

We are way up high, looking down on Saltese Flats in the Spokane Valley. The view just gets better and better as we drive along the winding road.

And this is what these people see every day!

It is so, so beautiful; pastoral and mountainous. I love it so much. And to think that just behind us, on the other side of a similar hill, is the little lake that we live on.

Love the little farm.

This is an old homestead, still fenced in with old, old barbed wire. The apple trees are in blossom.

Last fall my daughter got out and picked apples here.

So lush and lovely!

And the lilacs!!! Oh, the scent was amazing, even from the car. Lilacs are my favorite. Did you know that Spokane is the also known as The Lilac City? Another thing I love about my city!

Just look at this old building. I love it so much and am trying to decide if anyone would care if I found a way through the fence and explored it a bit. Would be very dangerous to go into, but I would love to sit and day dream about who had lived here and when. I think it's a barn.

Up a little closer you can really see why I should not be crawling around in there. Take this link to the picture I took of it last fall and see how winter caused it to cave in even more!

As we made our way down into the valley, Bear saw his first cow!! He made the funniest sounds, not growls, but not barks either. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. We were right next to the fence and this guy was very curious!

Around another bend was a huge goat farm, nestled way down near a stream. Wish I had taken more pictures of it. There were tons of babies!

I'm wondering if they sell their honey? Love the colors of these bee keeper hives. I love Spring and I love where I live! I got to spend time with my wonderful mom and my puppy and add a little something special to my day.

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